French Bulldogs are well sought after, gorgeous canines. They are a playful, yet easy going and affectionate breed of dog that will quickly become your best friend.  French Bulldogs are high maintenance pets, to begin with, though worth any ounce of trouble that you may experience to help them be healthy and happy.

For instance, they are prone to: 

* Allergies of all kinds
* Cleft Palate
* Easily susceptible to heatstroke
* Invertebral Disc Disease

If you purchase your Frenchie pooch from a reputable breeder that truly has affection and compassion for these animals and take care of him or her to the best of your ability, French Bulldogs generally have a life expectancy of 10-12 years, which is quite good for that breed of dog.  Here are health issues from bad breeding.

Puppy Mills

However, not all breeders are reputable. In fact, many people who breed these beautiful animals are solely in it for the money, and couldn’t care less about the health issues this could cause down the road for your fur baby. Their main concern is the financial bottom line, no matter what yarn they try to spin you. They will sell the dogs less expensively, which makes some people want to lean that direction, but they don’t fully understand what a puppy mill is, or how horrible they are.

If French Bulldogs are bred in a puppy mill, by people just turning these animals out for profit, and not for the love of the dog or continuing the bloodline, they are subject to maltreatment.

Just to name a few of the obstacles they face in a puppy mill:

* Overcrowding
* Cramped Cages
* Unsanitary living conditions
* No veterinary care
* No proper nutrition
* Lack of water
* No socialization

Any one of these things can adversely affect the ability of your French Bulldog to thrive and grow into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted family pet. But all of those horrible aspects combined? Your pup could be anti-social, harbor anxiety, have trust issues, it could cost you a fortune in veterinary bills to correct the damage that was done to them in only the first few weeks of his or her young life. They may have to be treated for infectious diseases, it could take weeks or months to rid them of fleas, parasites, or infections – all on your dime. The cost you may save on going to a puppy mill is not worth it.

Find a Reputable Breeder

Spend the extra money at a reputable breeder who loves this breed, and will be honest and forthcoming with everything from who the parents of the puppies are, to where they live – even allowing you to visit their home, and give you proof of having been to a veterinarian, and perhaps even their recommendation for that veterinarian if you don’t already have your own for another pet.

It is even more convincing to me when a breeder wants to interview you, and get to know you to see if you are a fit for the dog you are looking to purchase, so they know the puppy is going to a good, safe home.

If the French Bulldog breeder you have found, has most of those qualities, and perhaps you’ve even checked them out online, or know them through word of trusted mouth, then you are probably safe getting your newest family member from them.

All that will be left to do is give him or her lots of love, affection, and care. They’ll do the same for you.